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  • Home or Office Moving services/ New & Used Furniture Sales

    Welcome to Furniture Phase Moving & Consignment Co. LLC

    We now offer Apartment, Home or Office Moving services and Furniture sales to the general public. We want to provide moving services to you at a more economical rate. Ask yourself is it more cost effective for you to hire movers or drive a rental truck? 
    We offer local moving services for Jacksonville, Daytona, Central Fl and surrounding counties>>

    Call us or complete the contact form today for a moving quote! 904-551-3289 

    We offer furniture for every room in your house:
    " Where you can bring your best deal"
    We are a Consignment company that means bring your items here to sell: furniture, products, appliances and more we take it all.
    No more waiting on it to sell:) Let us help!!

    Fine Arts/ Housewares/Accessories

    • Bedroom
    • Dining Room
    • Entertainment Room
    • Home Office
    • Kitchen
    • Living Room
    • Youth Bedrooms

        Our philosophy of delivering the latest styles affordably to you inspires everything we do. Together with our customer-first service, it's easy to see why FPC has something for everyone - and always at the most affordable price.
    *Interior design services available*

    Visit our convenient location at 5174 W Beaver St. Jacksonville, FL 32254 today or visit our website for new items and the latest specials.

    Consignments are welcome to our store everyday bring your gently new or used items and we will assist you in sharing them with others to create more memories!!!

    We also accept donations, drop off consignments, resale furniture, and more. We will pick up just call us!!  

    also accept donations, drop off consignments, resale furniture, and more. We will pick up just call us!!  

"Where you can bring your best deal "


                                                                              Furniture Phase Moving & Consignment Co. LLC
                                                                                                         Open Mon-Sat 9-4pm
                                                                        create friends with us on FACEBOOK/ FURNITUREPHASE & CO
                                                                                        email: customerservice@furniturephaseco.com

Need a custom paint, dent repair, window tint or insurance claims are all welcome!

                            NOTICE! NOTICE! NOTICE!
Beginning June 2016' We will offer more commodities-Transportation services and pick-ups in the great State of Florida- We also can offer DOOR TO DOOR. Please call us to reserve special pricing in February.
Routes to include:
Jacksonville- Daytona
Jacksonville-Ft Lauderdale


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